Although cloud computing and virtualization are two distinct methods for using the hardware or software assets in an IT infrastructure effectively, they are frequently used interchangeably because of their shared characteristics.
Let’s understand both concepts descriptively to grasp them better.

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to pools of virtual resources that are scalable and highly reliable. It is a methodology for offering computer system resources and services such as data storage and processing power from cloud servers on demand, or as needed.

Top Cloud Computing Service Providers: -

  • ➤ AWS
  • ➤ Azure
  • ➤ Google Cloud
  • ➤ IBM Cloud
  • ➤ Oracle
  • ➤ SAP

What is Virtualization

Virtualization is the technology by which IT resources are abstracted from resource users. Organizations can use virtualization to run several operating systems, system-generated hardware versions, or software applications while sharing resources from a single host or server.

An IT resource can be

  • ➤ A client
  • ➤ A server
  • ➤ Storage networks
  • ➤ Software applications