Privacy Policy

Every organization have a distinctive set of policies. D Succeed Learners has uniquely drafted it's kind of terms and conditions applicable to candidates enrolled for our training. Our policies are laid in crystal clear manner and do not endorse representation or warranties against the interests of candidates.

We account some crucial aspects of Rules and Regulations for D Succeed Learners training programs. Our Rules and Regulations are subject to change as per our discretion, needs and requirements. In no means shall D Succeed Learners be held responsible for any misinterpretation of conduct or policy. By enrolling to our training programs, candidates have to ensure that they shall not provide any false, fraud or inappropriate information. We would only be able to provide you with our world-class facility with the proper execution of the application. We will not acknowledge such kind of conduct.

D Succeed Learners does not disclaim liability for damage caused due to inappropriate co information. We work on providing the training programs according to the matching eligibility factor for the candidate. For example, if graduate tries to enroll for CBAP Training, he/she would not be eligible to take admission in the training due to its eligibility criteria seeking candidates with minimum years of 3750 hours of Business Analysis work experience followed by other considerations. We only give admission to candidates depending upon the candidate's fulfilment to the eligibility section.

The General Terms and Conditions shall be liable for the participation in D Succeed Learners. For candidates who have completed, the enrolled training will be rewarded with the Certificate of Completion. However, that does not equate to or is equivalent to completion in the examination. D Succeed Learners does not make any representations or warranties that are against the interests of candidates.

D Succeed Learners is one of the renowned training partners across the globe. We understand your concerns for privacy. We commit to safeguard your privacy and provide Privacy as the base of all the policies. Our aim is to provide seamless experience in best way possible. Our website is purely handled by highly experienced experts who regularly maintain, modify, keep the information up-to-date and authentic. To maintain our on-going trust, we’ve detailed out some of the important policies of how we collect the information and maintain it.

D Succeed Learners fully guarantees information showcased in the website is fully secure and protect the integrity of your personal information. Our information is up-to-date. For this purpose, we have the right to change the information (for any reason) from time-to-time without giving any prior notice. Feel free to browse securely through our website as it is completely virus free. In unforeseen scenarios, damages may occur due to the intrusion of virus.

To ensure candidate’s successful enrollment into our online/offline training programs, we need accurate personal information of the candidate. Mainly, this include name, age, e-mail, address, telephone number, postal address and several other kinds of information relating to enrollment and registration purpose. Furthermore, this information is used for personal details to administer, asses and develop for future course work.

D Succeed Learners is not at all indulgent in kind of activity that hinders the privacy of our clients. We simply collect information directly from our clients. Our dependency on any kind of third party to share the information of the clients is zeroed out. All we share is the information about the new of technologies. This ensures in smooth service on our website and make the website interactive. Basically, Cookies are the small pieces of information that are stored in the browser on the computer/mobile/laptop. They are essential in helping to keep track of the preferences specified by the user. You do have the option to opt out for changing the browser settings to prevent cookies to function. However, disabling cookies will limit the scope of functionality and interrupt in cookies to work and function properly.

Due to any reason, we reserve the right to make amendments in our privacy policy. It is vital to make updates as per the needs and requirements. Please ensure to check our website periodically for ascertaining the trail of changes made by our backend team. Furthermore, please keep checking us News” section to learn the changes advanced in the website. For changes that are restrictive or protective of personal information than privacy policy in the place at the time of collection. For any aforementioned changes, we shall keep you updated.

If the candidate seeks for any information or want consultation for any kind of information, they are free to connect to our team of experts at


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