Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) Certification Training

The CCSK Certification training course is designed for beginners and emphasizes foundational knowledge, providing security professionals with a comprehensive understanding of cloud security and related concepts. The program equips participants to effectively address a wide range of cloud security concerns.

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CCSK Course Description

The CCSK is a comprehensive training program covering essential aspects of cloud computing, including architecture, governance, and operations. Addressing legal concerns, information security, data management and data center operations, this esteemed curriculum qualifies security professionals to advance their careers by demonstrating a deep understanding of cloud security. The training empowers professionals to implement critical controls for the secure deployment of cloud applications. Moreover, CCSK certification is the basis to qualify you to achieve additional cloud certifications typical to particular vendors and job functions. Achieving the CCSK certification will give you an understanding of effectively creating a holistic cloud security program comparable to globally acknowledged standards. This certification covers fundamental areas including cloud incident response, data encryption, securing emerging technologies, best practices for IAM, application security, SecaaS and more.


CCSK Training Benefits

  • Growth in job opportunities by filling the skills gap for cloud-certified professionals.
  • Illustrate your technical skills, abilities and knowledge to operate controls tailored to the cloud effectively.
  • Enhance your skills with the needed capabilities of cloud computing
  • Learn how to operate cloud-specific governance and compliance tool
  • This certification fills the skills gap to become a cloud-certified professional which increases your employment opportunities
  • Understand to specify a baseline of security best practices when marketing with a broad array of accountabilities, from cloud governance to configuring technical security controls.

Target Audience

  • Cybersecurity Analysts
  • Security Consultants
  • Security Engineers
  • Security Architects
  • Enterprise Architects


  • Foundational understanding of cloud computing
  • Recommended understanding of fundamental security aspects, including firewalls, encryption, identity management, and secure development.

CCSK Course Objectives

  • Cloud Computing Concepts and Architecture
  • Governance and Enterprise Risk Management
  • Legal Issues, Contracts, and Electronic Discovery
  • Compliance and Audit Management
  • Information Governance
  • Management Plane and Business Continuity
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Virtualization and Containers
  • Incident Response
  • Application Security
  • Data Security and Encryption
  • Identity, Entitlement and Access Management
  • Security as a Service
  • Related Technologies
  • Cloud Controls Matrix
  • ENISA Recommendations

Exam Information

The CCSK Exam is a 90-minute online, open-book test comprising 60 randomly selected multiple-choice questions from the CCSK question pool. The exam is available in various languages including English, Spanish, and Japanese. Attaining a minimum passing score of 80% is required.

CCSK Course Curriculum

CCSK Foundation Introduction

  • Introduction to Your Learning Environment
  • Foundation Overview

Module 1- Cloud Architecture

  • Unit 1 - Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Unit 2 - Introduction & Cloud Architecture
  • Unit 3 - Cloud Essential Characteristics
  • Unit 4 - Cloud Service Models
  • Unit 5 - Cloud Deployment Models
  • Unit 6 - Shared Responsibilities

Module 2 - Infrastructure Security for Cloud

  • Unit 1 - Infrastructure Security for Cloud Computing
  • Unit 2 - Intro to Infrastructure Security for Cloud Computing
  • Unit 3 - Software Defined Networks
  • Unit 4 - Cloud Network Security
  • Unit 5 - Securing Compute Workloads
  • Unit 6 - Management Plane Security
  • Unit 7 - BCDR

Module 3 - Managing Cloud Security and Risk

  • Unit 1 - Managing Cloud Computing Security & Risk
  • Unit 2 - Governance
  • Unit 3 - Managing Cloud Security Risk
  • Unit 4 - Compliance
  • Unit 5 - Legal Consideration for Cloud
  • Unit 6 - Audit
  • Unit 7 - CSA Tools

Module 4 - Data Security For Cloud

  • Unit 1 - Module Introduction
  • Unit 2 - Cloud Data Storage
  • Unit 3 - Securing Data In The Cloud
  • Unit 4 - Encryption For IaaS
  • Unit 5 - Encryption For PaaS & SaaS
  • Unit 6 - Encryption Key Management
  • Unit 7 - Other Data Security Options
  • Unit 8 - Data Security Lifecycle

Module 5 - Securing Cloud Applications, Users and Related Technologies

  • Unit 1 - Module Introduction
  • Unit 2 - Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC)
  • Unit 3 - Testing & Assessment
  • Unit 4 - DevOps
  • Unit 5 - Secure Operations
  • Unit 6 - Identity & Access Management Definitions
  • Unit 7 - IAM Standards
  • Unit 8 - IAM In Practice

Module 6 - Cloud Security Operations

  • Unit 1 - Module Introduction
  • Unit 2 - Selecting A Cloud Provider
  • Unit 3 - Incident Response
  • Unit 4 - SECaaS Fundamentals
  • Unit 5 - SECaaS Categories & Recommendations
  • Unit 6 - Domain 14 Considerations
  • Unit 7 - CCSK Exam Preparation

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