Cloud Networking is a part of the IT infrastructure which hosted some or all of an organization’s network resources and capabilities in a public and private cloud platform, operated in-house or by a service provider and present on demand. Companies can use either cloud-based networking resources in the combination of both the ways public cloud or a hybrid cloud, or on-premises cloud networking resources to build a private cloud network. These network facilities contain firewalls, virtual routers, and network and bandwidth management software, with different functions and tools available as needed. 

Cloud networking plays a crucial role in the form organizations address their regional expansions, redundancy plans, and growing infrastructure needs. Multiple organizations are embracing a multi-data center strategy and from multiple cloud service providers (CSPs) leverage multiple clouds.


The future of networking is VMware’s vision of a Virtual Cloud Network. It is an architectural approach to integrate software at a global scale from edge to edge, pervasive connectivity, that’s able to deliver consistently, and security of data and apps wherever they occupy, autonomous of underlying physical infrastructure. Even if your workloads are in the cloud or on-premises, the same network and security accumulation can be utilized to provide security, visibility, and connectivity.