In modern day industry, the role and importance of Business Analysis before the start of the project has been recognized not only by the Fortune 500 companies but by small organizations as well.

Business Analysis is the research and analysis of the existing system, documenting the new requirements and specifications and using various tools and procedures, changing those requirements into technical documents on which the software developers can work to build a new software solution which can either digitalize their existing processes or provide additional software to complete new tasks.

In IT companies the main role of Business Analyst is to get the requirements from the client and create the SRS document in such a language that can be given to the project manager or software developer to make a software solution having all the features and requirements, mentioned in the SRS document.

These are the reasons why Business Analysts are in high demand in the IT industry. The professionals who have the Certification of Business Analysis have a better chance to get selected and perform well and get good remuneration. We provide globally recognized certification in Business Analysis. You can choose as per your requirements and get ahead in the market.