Course Overview

Business analysts' primary responsibility is to assist client organisations in achieving their goals by implementing the software solution suggested and provided by the business analysts and their team. Business Analysis is the process by which a Business Analyst understands and documents the requirements of the organizations and leads his team to develop a fully featured software solution that meets all the needs of that organization. BAs also suggest some changes in the client organisations that are not related to software but are important.

There have been instances when the project doesn’t complete on time or has some other issues as the requirements are not understood and documented properly. That’s why the role of Business Analysis become very important in all organisations that are doing software or other projects, as Professional Business Analyst talk to the clients and create the SRS documents that have all the requirements which then become the basis for creating the software solution.

How to get PBA Certification?

Business Analysis has become a critical part of any project development process. That’s why their demand is on the rise. Research reports say that Business Analysis is going to be one of the fastest growing jobs in the market in the future. Professionals are looking for the certification to become experts in Business Analysis and lead the project or become key members of the project and work closely with Project managers and other stakeholders.

By getting the Professional Business Analysis (PBA) certification, you can become an expert in Business analysis and implement the process into all the projects you do. Join the PBA certification training, become certified and achieve more success in your career and assist your organisation to deliver high-quality work.

Who Should Go for PBA Certification?

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Program Manager
  • IT professional
  • Software Engineer and Developer
  • Testing Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Technical Writer
  • Document Writer


  • A Graduation Degree with 50% grade.
  • At least 2000 hours of Business Analysis working experience.
  • Basic knowledge of Business Analysis.

Key Benefits

  • After getting PBA certification the professionals can successfully lead the complex projects.
  • PBA or Business Analyst professional certification offers newer opportunities in career.
  • PBA certified professionals get more recognition.
  • PBA certified business analyst gets higher salary.
  • They become expert in taking more responsibility and can multitask projects.
  • Their efficiency and companies' productivity get major boost.
  • They can work on projects where certified professionals are required/mandatory and their organization can bid for more such projects where high level of quality is required.

Why choose online training?

  • Suits a busy Lifestyle & Independent Learners
  • Train in the comfort of your home
  • Certificates on completion
  • Interactive course
  • Compatible on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Case studies
  • Scenario based learning
  • Exercise files
  • Personal performance tool
  • Bookmarking ability
  • Note taking facilities
  • Trainer Support 24/7


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