Course Overview

Ethical Hacking is referred to as the process of penetrating one’s computer for which you have official permission to do so as to specify if vulnerabilities exist and to undertake preventive, protective, and corrective countermeasures.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a person who is qualified to penetrate their own computer system or that of a client in order to choose what vulnerabilities exist and how to use corrective, preventive, and protective countermeasures. This reduces risk and guards against a malicious hacker or cybercriminal compromising the system. Certified Ethical Hacker is trained to look for imperfections that can be influenced using the same tools a hacker would use to attack. They played a significant role in malicious attack prevention as their job is how to fix vulnerabilities and create strategies.

Target Audience

Certified Ethical Hackers need to fortify their application knowledge. Below are some job roles that are preferred by Certified Ethical Hacker;

  • Security officers
  • Auditors
  • Security professionals
  • Site administrators

D Succeed Learners provide the best opportunity to learn deeply about ethical hacking and about its tools and technologies which help you to grow your career in a positive way to be a certified ethical hacker. As we know Ethical Hacking is a part of IT professional certification as it is a comprehensive ethical hacking the training aims to teach aspirants its methodologies and provide the basics of ethical hacking situations and penetration testing. Moreover, they get the knowledge of foundational techniques, skills, and tools that they need to become an ethical hacker. Start your training today and be certified.


You can attend this certification in two ways: firstly, you need to complete the EC Council training course which helps you to upgrade your skills and is designed for all skill levels. After training completion you’re eligible to give a certification exam for ethical hacking.
However, the second way is you need at least 2 years of previous information security experience to skip the training course and need to submit the evidence of your experience and have knowledge of the below-mentioned field;

  • Information security and ethical hacking
  • System hacking phases and attack techniques
  • Network and perimeter hacking
  • Web application hacking
  • Wireless network
  • Cloud computing
  • Cryptography

Key benefits 

  • Understand more about risks, threats, and vulnerabilities
  • Comprehend to begin thinking like hackers
  • Progressive InfoSec pathway for a career
  • Valuable credential for penetration testers and for other professionals as well
  • After Certified ethical hacker certification you get a hike in your salary package

Why choose online training?

  • Suits a busy Lifestyle & Independent Learners
  • Train in the comfort of your home
  • Certificates on completion
  • Interactive course
  • Compatible on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Case studies
  • Scenario based learning
  • Exercise files
  • Personal performance tool
  • Bookmarking ability
  • Note taking facilities
  • Trainer Support 24/7


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