Course Overview

AWS Cloud Practitioner certification training seeks to improve one’s professional skillset and a better opportunity in the cloud. It offers a foundational knowledge of AWS Cloud services terminology and concepts. AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is the best opportunity for those with on-premises IT professionals who want basic AWS Cloud fluency or for individuals in non-technical roles with no prior IT or cloud experience which gives you the confidence to tackle role-based AWS cloud certification. AWS Cloud Practitioner is not focused on a single technical role like the other AWS certification. Those companies are leveraging the cloud for them it is one of the extremely sought-after certifications. Moreover, the four main topics covered by this certification are security and compliance, billing and pricing, technology, and cloud concepts.
Therefore, D Succeed Learners provides a comprehensive training program in which aspirants get complete guidance on the core AWS services, fundamentals of cloud computing, and a proper introduction to security and architecture on the platform. Our expert trainers help to enhance your skills to effectively demonstrate an overall understanding of the AWS cloud respectively. At the end of the training, enrolled aspirants can advance their careers as AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners.


Here are some recommended prerequisites for aspirants who want to take the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification exam:

  • Aspirants have working experience in AWS cloud roles such as managerial, sales, technical, financial or purchasing, etc.
  • Knowledge of basic terms and technologies.
  • Fundamental knowledge of IT services and their applications.
  • Learning tools and technologies can be helpful to understand the concept of AWS implementation and development.
  • Knowledge of core concepts of AWS to build scalable apps with best practices.

Key Benefits

Here are some important advantages to becoming certified as an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, some of which are:

  • Achieve knowledge of AWS Cloud value proposition and understand the key services on the AWS platform for essential use like analytics, compute, etc.
  • Comprehend how to elaborate basic AWS cloud architectural principles
  • Learn the basic compliance and security elements of the AWS
  • Supervise the price models, billing, account management, etc.
  • Manage characteristics of operating and deploying AWS Cloud
  • Discover the sources of documentation or technical assistance (like the whitepapers or support tickets)
  • Get knowledge of how to define AWS Cloud and its global infrastructure

Why choose online training?

  • Suits a busy Lifestyle & Independent Learners
  • Train in the comfort of your home
  • Certificates on completion
  • Interactive course
  • Compatible on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Case studies
  • Scenario based learning
  • Exercise files
  • Personal performance tool
  • Bookmarking ability
  • Note taking facilities
  • Trainer Support 24/7


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