Azure is Microsoft’s most popular cloud computing platform. The services provided by Azure include computing, Analytics, integration storage, and networking. It is frequently used for hosting databases in the cloud, and backup & disaster recovery. The platform helps businesses scale new applications and overcome business challenges. If you want to demonstrate your expertise in the cloud, or seeking a job promotion getting these Microsoft Azure certifications would definitely help you achieve new avenues.

Microsoft Azure certification courses are spread across a wide range of levels (Fundamental, Associate, and Expert Levels). Individuals can choose certifications that aligned with their job roles and validate their commitment to perform well at their workplace. As most of the processes have adopted cloud and other hybrid processes, acquiring Microsoft Azure certification training will help candidates stay relevant in the current job market and stand out from non-certified peers. Below we have enlisted a few of Microsoft Azure certifications training programs. To obtain more information you may get in touch with our IT programs Consultant!